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The Swiss Plastics Expo addresses the twelve most important topics in the field of plastics and plastic engineering. These focus points provide orientation and show an anticipated 4,500 visitors how they can develop innovative solutions.

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Additive manufacturing for components and mold making

Developments in 3D printing are headed in the direction of new and improved materials as well as printing technologies: speedier systems, heated build chambers, use of high-performance and fiber-reinforced plastics, as well as applications in approval-critical industries such as medical technology.


Multicomponent technology

New process variants and material combinations involving two or more components enable applications with special visual or tactile properties, scratch resistance and other functional surface characteristics, as well as integrated assembly functions.


New material and surface characteristics

Various technologies are being used to substantially modify the characteristics of plastic parts and their surfaces. This can mean optimization of thermal and mechanical properties, but also special functionalities such as surface tension, tribological and light-emitting properties.


Metal substitution and hybrid technology

Metal substitution aims at weight reduction, functional integration, design freedom and corrosion resistance. Accomplishing those requires extensive knowledge of the right plastics to use and production-oriented component design, based on the specified material properties.


Intelligent manufacturing of complex components

Intelligent manufacturing begins with component design, which nowadays encompasses a wide range of functions, from surface coatings through to electronics. The goal is to manufacture these complex components in integrated process steps using clever tool concepts and automated assembly steps.


Lightweight construction using fiber composite technology

Fiber composite technology enables very lightweight structural components for a wide variety of applications. One focus of current developments is the implementation of closed, automation-compatible and cost-efficient processes; another is the use of new materials.


Lean operation and automation for Industry 4.0

Increased productivity, fewer rejects and higher availability with improved product quality: this is the promise of intelligent automation solutions, networked production facilities and inter-machine communication – all prerequisites for Industry 4.0.



The current intensification of debate on plastics-related environmental issues is fueling interest in bioplastics. Although these can now be found everywhere, there is still a lot of uncertainty about their origin, their properties and their disposal or biodegradability.


Clean room manufacturing

Production in clean rooms, i.e. under controlled environmental conditions, is well established in medical technology. Technical products – for the automotive industry or optics, as examples – are also increasingly manufactured in low-particle environments. Putting this into practice calls for special processes and technologies.


Circular economy, recycling

Plastic waste is drawing heavy criticism. The aim of a recycling economy must be to achieve higher added value by integrating the waste generated. EU regulation forces companies to take this step by means of increased recycling quotas, but the pressure from society is sometimes even greater.


Big Data and machine learning in Industry 4.0

Plastics processing techniques are typically complex processes where performance depends on many variables. Such processes generate large amounts of data, which can be used not only for understanding and optimizing what goes on, but also as input for new business models such as preventive maintenance.


Virtual development and simulation

Virtual development and simulation are important elements of the product development process, Applicable to designing both the product and the manufacturing process. They can reduce time-consuming experimental trials and ensure timely procurement of tools and materials.


Out-of-the-box topics

Plastics production is innovative and trendsetting. Let our out-of-the-box topics inspire you to new product and service ideas.


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